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About Us

Welcome To Hoo-Sier Coder

(Pronounced Who's Your Coder)

Hoo-Sier Coder is an exceptional medical billing and coding service provider that specializes in Mental/Behavioral Health, Pain Management, Physical Therapy, and Orthopedics. We take

pride in providing medical billing & coding services, credentialing, and consulting for outpatient services. We assure accuracy and confidentiality at the forefront of our business! We look forward to meeting the needs of your business while providing a cost effective approach with a professional ambiance.

Maximize Your Revenue

It is very important for a medical practice to understand how the billing process works and why good practice management is important. In today's society there are a lot of people plagued with illness and disease. It is the doctor's responsibility to render services needed. In return, the doctor should have a great administration team that reviews all medical documentation for accuracy & medical necessity while providing exceptional customer service.


Review the Medical Billing Process chart, the chart provides the layout of the complete billing process. There are many steps that must be completed in order for a medical practice to receive payment for services rendered. This is why it is important for a medical practice to understand the importance of accuracy, time management, employee staffing, and a complete understanding of all job descriptions.


There are many medical practices that hire medical staff who don't understand the complete concept of medical practice management & billing; therefore, the business has outstanding collections, rejected claims, inaccurate demographics, negative cash show, fines, imprisonment, and loss of certifications or license.


There is an array of medical insurance companies and their policies implemented has made medical practice management & billing an important part of all medical practices. Medical practice management provides the foundation for applications and tools that medical practice implement to monitor scheduling, insurance claims, billing & collections, accounting functions, human resources, and the electronic health record.  It is important to review your business analytics and monthly reconciliations to ensure you are maximizing your revenue. Hoo-Sier Coder would like to help you  take your business to the next level, use the yellow "Book Now" button below,

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